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雾翠茗香商城 雾翠茗香商城
雾翠茗香商城 雾翠茗香商城
雾翠茗香商城 雾翠茗香商城
雾翠茗香商城 雾翠茗香商城
雾翠茗香商城 雾翠茗香商城
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The company is located in Nayong, the hometown of China's Gongtong and the hometown of China's alpine ecological organic tea. It is 22 kilometers away from the county seat and enjoys convenient transportation. "Xiarong Expressway, Hang-Rui expressway, Zhina expressway and Zhina Railway" are all connected.

Company at an altitude of 2300 meters high ecological organic tea garden, the mountains are grand, picturesque, pleasant climate, beautiful environment, surrounded by mountains, beautiful natural environment, unique green ecological, annual average temperature 13.2 ℃, annual rainfall of 1362 ㎜, annual sunshine hours 1386 hours, no industrial pollution, agricultural residue of acid soil, anniversary of the fog, the air is fresh, organic matter and mineral content is rich, the foothills of the vegetation.

Planting tea industry development, the company to the zhenping wellknown 骔 ridge village, shang dynasty, the total circulation of barren hills, harmony county forest of 10000 mu, circulation of barren hills are high altitude (1900-2300 m), is currently the highest village, more-and more clouds, sunshine, no industrial pollution, pesticide residue, plenty rainfall, especially suitable for cultivating high quality organic tea mountain ecology. The company's organic tea garden covers an area of 6900 mu, all of which have been certified by China, European Union, The United States and HACCP system of China Quality Certification Center. Registered brand product trademarks "Fog ridge snow bud", "fog ridge red". The company has a normal operation of 3700m3 large-scale biogas, which is used for fuel and power generation solution equipment and facilities and electric lighting. Biogas slurry and biogas residue are used for organic fertilizer of 6900 mu tea leaves.

Ecological pig breeding development: the company based on good, harmony soil - purification of waxy valley pig pig variety, registered the "qian huiyong, delicious pig valley" brand trademark, has been built in such farms 10000 head of the size of the form a complete set, formed the swine breeding, grass planting, curing feed processing, sewage treatment, sewage waste), organic fertilizer use (biogas slurry renewal) all necessary hardware facilities. Captive whole grain and forage curing breeding, mountain natural ecological environment resources green grass feeding more than a year to market, the company ecological pure grain, grain, mountain herbs cooked delicious valley pigs products, has passed the "pollution-free product certification", pollution-free agricultural products for agriculture and rural areas in guizhou committee certificate of origin, national agricultural NongCunBu center pollution-free agricultural products certification, the quality and safety of agricultural products in the market of ecological pig deeply consumer's favor and recognition.

The long-term mechanism development goal of the company: Agriculture is an industry with long investment and slow effect, which is restricted by natural disasters. The effect of agriculture is related to the food security and physical and mental health of 1.3 billion people. Our company is committed to providing high-quality agricultural products to the society, adhering to the development concept of green, ecological and organic, and eliminating the use of pesticides, fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics and food additives.


Pingqing Village, Manling Town, Nayong County, Bijie City, Guizhou Province




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